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22st Annual OLC International Conference
November 16-18, 2016 | Orlando, Florida | Walt Disney World Swan/Dolphin Resort

OLC Innovate 2016 - Innovations in Blended and Online Learning
April 20-22, 2016 | New Orleans, LA | Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

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21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference

Shaping the Future
of Online Learning

October 14-16, 2015


Call for Presentations is now CLOSED. Thank you for your submission.


*Please be sure to add to your address book to ensure you receive your notification when they are sent on June 24, 2015.


NOTE: All links on this page will open a new browser tab (or window). You will need an active account with to submit. 

The Online Learning Consortium invites you to submit a proposal for the 21st Annual International Conference, to be held October 14-16, 2015 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida in the tracks listed below.

Proposed sessions can be targeted to all attendees or novice, intermediate, or expert levels of proficiency.

*New for 2015: This year, we are introducing new areas of special interest that may be applicable to conference proposals. As you submit please identify, if applicable, whether your proposal is suitable for any of these special interest areas:

Proposals in this special interest area will address blended or online initiatives that serve the K12 community in the USA and abroad. Proposal topics might include but not limited to:

  • The effective design, delivery, and support of K-12 online learning
  • Building bridges between pre-college and higher education through online education
  • Effective models of blended learning
  • Effective models of online schools
  • Effective practice in supporting exceptional K-12 learners
  • Longitudinal outcomes for K-12 online learners
  • Studies of teacher preparation and teacher professional development practices
  • Emerging research methods in K-12 online or blended learning


Spanish Language (Spanish translations for all CFP information coming soon.) 
We are thrilled to open the OLC 2015 conference to proposals for presentation in the Spanish language! This special interest area recognizes online teaching and learning leadership and innovation from our neighbors in Central and South America, and from Spanish speakers from around the globe. The OLC Spanish Language special interest area will provide an opportunity for Spanish speakers to attend and present at the OLC 2015 entirely in Spanish.

Proposals in this area will showcase the advances and innovations taking place in online and blended learning in Spanish-speaking communities around the world. This area will ideally address the conference theme in the following specific areas:

  • Online or blended Faculty and Professional Development and Support
  • Institutional Strategies & Innovations that leverage online initiatives and technologies.
  • How Leadership, Values and Society shape and support successful implementation of online, blended, and technology-enhanced initiatives.
  • Learning Effectiveness: Theory or research-based projects focusing on improving the learning effectiveness of online or blended learning.
  • Instructional technologies, programs, initiatives that are Open, Global, Mobile.
  • Online and blended learning Student Services and Learner Support
  • Technology and Emerging Learning Environments

Proposals submitted to this area will be in Spanish and the expectation is that the presentation, if accepted, will be delivered entirely in Spanish.


En Espanol (pagina en idioma español)

¡Estamos encantados de abrir la convocatoria de ponencias para la conferencia OLC 2015 a ser presentadas en el idioma español! Esta área de interés especial reconoce la enseñanza en línea y el liderazgo de aprendizaje e innovación de nuestros vecinos en Lationoamérica y de los hispanohablantes de todo el mundo. En esta área interés especial, OLC proporcionará la oportunidad para que los hispanohablantes que asistan expongan sus ponencias en el idioma español.

Las propuestas en este ámbito permitirán exponer los avances e innovaciones que se producen en la enseñanza en línea y los ofrecimientos educativos híbridos en los países de habla hispana de todo el mundo. Los temas de especialidad que se abordarán en la conferencia son:

  • Desarrollo profesional y apoyo a la facultad en línea y en ambientes hibridos.
  • Estrategias e innovaciones institucionales que aprovechan las iniciativas en línea y las TIC.
  • Cómo el liderazgo, los valores y la sociedad forman y apoyan la implementación exitosa de los ofrecimientos educativos en línea, híbridos y las iniciativas mediadas por la tecnología.
  • Efectividad: Teoría o proyectos de investigación que se centran en el mejoramiento del proceso enseñanza- aprendizaje a distancia e híbrida.
  • El uso de las TICs, tecnología instruccional, iniciativas o programas de educación abierta, global, y móvil.
  • Servicios estudiantiles y de apoyo a la enseñanza-aprendizaje virtuales e híbridos.
  • Tecnologías y ambientes de aprendizaje emergentes.

Las ponencias sometidas en estas áreas deben ser en español. La expectativa es que la misma, si es aceptada, sea presentada completamente en español.






Faculty & Professional Development & Support

Ideal papers for this track might focus on topics concerning either fully online or hybrid faculty development courses, programs, and practices. Possible areas might investigate or emphasize the following:
  • Innovative pedagogical models for faculty development
  • Faculty support approaches
  • Innovative programs for faculty development
  • Faculty satisfaction and workload
  • Relationship between course design and student satisfaction and/or success
  • Continuous professional development or learning communities
  • Investigation of rigor and effectiveness of faculty development programs, courses, or practices
  • Training & supporting faculty who conduct real-time online sessions during their courses
  • International models and themes relating to faculty development
  • Faculty development and accessibility
  • Faculty development and specific populations, such as the military
  • Preparing faculty to use new learning management systems
  • The future of faculty development nationally and internationally
HBCU Innovations
(Historically Black Colleges and Universities)
OLC applauds the commitment HBUCs are making to provide high quality distance education to students. To this end this program track has been designed specifically for the HBCU community (open to all conference attendees) and focuses on eLearning challenges faced by our historically black colleges and universities. Sessions in this track will give participants an opportunity to learn more about effectively addressing these challenges.

Topics of interest for this track might include:
  • High Quality Course Design and Development
  • Exemplary Partnerships Between Academicians and Technicians
  • Faculty Development
  • Program Certification
  • Student Engagement, Retention and Graduation
Institutional Strategies & InnovationsThis track targets new initiatives leveraging online strategies and technologies to reinvent, redefine or innovate across the institution.
  • Strategic planning and alignment
  • Effective scale of innovations
  • Creating a culture of academic innovation
  • Leveraging cross-institutional teams to align student and faculty experience
  • Operationalizing innovation
  • Marketing and recruitment initiatives
Papers in this track are encouraged to share evidence of practice, both qualitative and quantitative approaches.
Leadership, Values & SocietyThis track focus is on the impact and necessity of visionary leadership and its impact on governance, policy, and programs to effectively shape and support successful implementation of online, blended, and technology-enhanced initiatives.

Proposals submitted to this track should directly address the relationships that online learning, values, and society share and the role of leadership at the institutional level. Papers in this track might consider societal factors and how leadership can address, channel, respond, or adapt to: changing technologies; diversity and student and faculty demographics; economic, social, and civic capacity development; engagement and partnership, globalization and internationalization of education; open education including open source educational software and open educational resources; access to education; and outcomes based education. Authors are invited to investigate the university's multiple missions in society including economic, civic, and development roles. Proposals should focus on leadership (e.g., in terms of governance, policy, or programs) and include examples of practice as support.
Learning EffectivenessIdeal papers in this track would encompass theory or research-based projects focusing on improving the learning effectiveness of online or blended learning. These would include, but not be limited to papers on:
  • Learning theory in the online environment
  • Learning design and technology for online and blended environments
  • Quantitative and qualitative research designs and results on issues and projects that impact student learning
  • Research on collaboration and community among learners
  • Research on diversity and cross-cultural issues in online and blended courses
  • The use of learning analytics to improve student success
  • Adaptive learning
Papers covering research on the effectiveness of these topics is strongly encouraged.
Open, Global, MobileIdeal papers in this track would focus on instructions technologies that are open, global, and/or mobile. Topics might include:
  • Open educational resources
  • Open models
  • Mobile learning (smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.)
  • E-textbooks for learning
  • Global, international education
Papers on the evidence of the impact of these technologies and learning environments are especially encouraged.
Student Services & Learner SupportSupport for online and blended learning is key to successful implementation of these modalities. Ideal papers for this track would be those that discuss the issues and approaches to providing services, supports, and accessibility for those students at a distance. Research papers on the impact of providing these resources are especially welcome.  Topics might include:
  • “Community” online, including orientation, learning communities, student clubs, and student activities
  • Providing academic supports to online populations, such as tutoring, academic advising/coaching, library services, and peer mentoring
  • IT and Help Desk support for online students prior to starting and during their online study
  • Providing accessibility support, academic wellness, personal counseling, and other related student services to online populations
  • Other student services typically available to an on-campus population that are now needed for those at a distance
  • Ethical uses of learning analytics for supporting online students
Research on the evidence of impact of these topics is strongly encouraged.
Technology & Emerging Learning EnvironmentsPapers in this track would ideally include approaches utilizing new media and innovative learning environments. These topics include, but are not limited to examining the role and impact of:
  • Gaming
  • Simulations
  • Immersive environments
  • e-portfolios
  • Case-based learning designs
  • Blended learning
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Competency based education
  • Badging and alternative credentialing
  • Adaptive or personalized learning environments
  • Digital teaching, learning, and scholarship
  • Web3.0 innovative technologies and applications to teaching & learning
  • Mobile devices used for teaching, learning, business training, and online support
  • Learning analytics techniques to improve technology enhancement use, application, and effects
Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research on these environments and instructional tools is encouraged. Emerging analytic methods and research techniques focusing on the effectiveness of technology applications and learning outcomes are also welcome.


Please review this information before submitting your proposal.

"Get Accepted! Five Tips on How to Submit a Successful Conference Proposal"

1. Submission checklist6.  A/V & Media
2. Conference Tracks (also below)7.  Presentation Repository
3. Session Types8.  General Conference Information
4. Selection Criteria9.  OLC Vendor Presentation Policy
5. Timeline 


Register at the submission site. Please include as much information as possible, including your biography and most current contact information. All corresponding authors need to also be registered, however, this can be completed at a later stage. OLC elects to use a robust, third-party call for paper and abstract management service. Please keep in mind that once you have registered or submitted a paper, all conference-related information can be found here at the International Conference on Online Learning website.

Once registered, return to this site to complete your submission.


Once registered, please return to this site to complete your submission.
Begin the submission process by selecting your track name below (open February 19 - April 28, 2015).

  • Faculty & Professional Development & Support
  • HBCU Innovcations (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)
  • Institutional Strategies & Innovations
  • Leadership, Values & Society
  • Learning Effectiveness
  • Open, Global, Mobile
  • Student Services & Learner Support
  • Technology & Emerging Learning Environments